för en del företag

Mest brukar jag göra små videos och sätta dom på youtube

Jag har bott och arbetat i USA och är bra i Engelska

Jag kan göra reklam i båda språken.

Jag kommer att publisera mina tester här.


31 Januari 2019 Idag skulle jag åka Taxi till ortopedkliniken på Berga Industriområde i Helsingborg.

Men Tele 2 var nere och jag kunde inte beställa Taxi så jag åkte med bussen på ett 24 timmars kort för 50 kr.

Men jag missade den buss som jag skulle åka med och blev försenad till den tid jag hade på Berga.

När jag kom ner till Knutpunkten vår trafikpunkt så tog jag en Taxi där och tog den som jag skulle boka för att kolla att inte bokningen ändå hade genomförts.

Resan var ungefär lika lång som omjag hade tagit den hemifrån.

Hade jag kunnat boka Taxin hemma hade den kostat mej 199 kr men då jag tog Taxin nere på stan så kostade resan med 267 kr.

Det är som ett LOTTERI att åka Taxi så det är bäst att ta ett FAST pris för annars blir man lurad på pengar av Taxichauffören !

Jag tog Sverigetaxi och chaufförn pratade Svenska men var från mellan-östern.

Det finns bara en svenskägd Taxi stan men den är svår att boka då alla vill åka med det bolagt då det är mycket billigare att åka med dom.

I am not a wealthy woman, in fact am I poor in money.

I came to the church because I had just been to Israel because I obey GOD and HE tell me what to do.

In Israel was I first to an author of the Israelite-Samariten tribe in his home and talked. He is a busy man travelling all over the world because he have translate the Israelite-Samariten own Torah to English.

And I also was told by GOD to visit a museum that I didn't knew before I enter in to that building and asked. Those people in the museum was surprised that I didn't knew what I paid for but I do what GOD tell me without knowing why I should do things.

Inside the museum did they take a picture of people and in the end of the museum guides was it a big 3D film showing where known peoples face was showing up one by one. And in the end came our picture in the tree and a voice told us that we all are connected in one or another way.

When I come back home to Sweden did I knew I had to do a DNA-test even if I paid it for my last money.

I got my DNA-result in January 2017

It was still hard to understand how to make a Familytree and one day on the bus did I come to the church and even if I should go somewhere else did I go off the bus and in to the church because I heard a voice telling me to do so.

And I come to be baptized in to the LDS-church as I find out it was that church who was closest to what I have experienced in my walk under GOD since year 2000.

Then did the night come when my door in the bedroom suddenly open. I have a small balcony in my bedroom and it was locked but suddenly it open and when close the door I saw it was like a tournado outside.

In the morning in April 2017 did I plant flower in my big balcony and when dig in to the soils I saw there were lots of metallic flakes shining in the soil. It was both inside the balcony and in the pots I had hanging outside the balcony. It was old soil that I had not changed in at least 5 years.

In that moment I saw the flakes did I knew I had to go to UTAH and to the churchoffice.

I didn't knew how to do it as I had not so much money but I knew if GOD wanted me to travel, HE always gave me money in some way to travel on.

And when I come to the church, one Missionary said I could go to her home and stay over night there and immidetly I said yes and bought me a ticket to Salt Lake City.


I took the flight over Toronto, Canada to Utah.


I didn't realized I couldn't bring in soil to USA so easily.

I had declare soil on my boarding card but the border checkpoint officer didn't looked at my paper.

He had focus on the fingerprint and make a photo on me.

They didn't worked so he go stressed and angry.

No one looked in my suitcases.

The soil was with me to Salt Lake City.

© Eva Virginius 2019