I am not a wealthy woman, in fact am I poor in money.

I came to the church because I had just been to Israel because I obey GOD and HE tell me what to do.

In Israel was I first to an author of the Israelite-Samariten tribe in his home and talked. He is a busy man travelling all over the world because he have translate the Israelite-Samariten own Torah to English.

And I also was told by GOD to visit a museum that I didn't knew before I enter in to that building and asked. Those people in the museum was surprised that I didn't knew what I paid for but I do what GOD tell me without knowing why I should do things.

Inside the museum did they take a picture of people and in the end of the museum guides was it a big 3D film showing where known peoples face was showing up one by one. And in the end came our picture in the tree and a voice told us that we all are connected in one or another way.

When I come back home to Sweden did I knew I had to do a DNA-test even if I paid it for my last money.

I got my DNA-result in January 2017

It was still hard to understand how to make a Familytree and one day on the bus did I come to the church and even if I should go somewhere else did I go off the bus and in to the church because I heard a voice telling me to do so.

And I come to be baptized in to the LDS-church as I find out it was that church who was closest to what I have experienced in my walk under GOD since year 2000.

Then did the night come when my door in the bedroom suddenly open. I have a small balcony in my bedroom and it was locked but suddenly it open and when close the door I saw it was like a tournado outside.

In the morning in April 2017 did I plant flower in my big balcony and when dig in to the soils I saw there were lots of metallic flakes shining in the soil. It was both inside the balcony and in the pots I had hanging outside the balcony. It was old soil that I had not changed in at least 5 years.

In that moment I saw the flakes did I knew I had to go to UTAH and to the churchoffice.

I didn't knew how to do it as I had not so much money but I knew if GOD wanted me to travel, HE always gave me money in some way to travel on.

And when I come to the church, one Missionary said I could go to her home and stay over night there and immidetly I said yes and bought me a ticket to Salt Lake City.


I took the flight over Toronto, Canada to Utah.


I didn't realized I couldn't bring in soil to USA so easily.

I had declare soil on my boarding card but the border checkpoint officer didn't looked at my paper.

He had focus on the fingerprint and make a photo on me.

They didn't worked so he go stressed and angry.

No one looked in my suitcases.

The soil was with me to Salt Lake City.

© Eva Virginius 2019